Bliss Birth Center

Redefining the maternity care experience with our state-of-the-art birth center

Bliss Birth Center

Redefining the maternity care experience with our state-of-the-art birth center

Our goal? To create a new standard in women's healthcare - the care you deserve. In light of the current pandemic, more mothers and families are choosing birth centers for the safety benefits of birthing with a small staff in a low volume center and the freedom to have your support people with you.

The Bliss Experience

Bliss Birth & Wellness Center is the only birth center in Palm Beach County to combine the expertise of both certified nurse midwives (CNMs) and licensed midwives (LMs). We are Florida's only birth center to offer the ultimate water birthing experience in Active Birth Pools. Soon, we will be the only birth center in South Florida to have the highest recognition of competency and safety - national accreditation.

Our Bliss team is dedicated to providing an extraordinary level of personalized care in a relaxing, compassionate, and gentle environment that ensures safety and comfort for our mothers and families.

water birth tub west palm beach

Our spacious active birth pools have 8 different colors of soothing in-water lighting for you to select. They even smart controls so your midwife can say: "Alexa, turn on the water to 91 F!".

birthing suite west palm beach

Our beautiful birthing suites are designed to feel like home with organic linens and hygiene products. To make your birth your own, you can bring your soothing or inspiring music playlist to play through our Bluetooth speakers.

birth center garden

We have ample hangout space for family and friends in our family room, kitchen, kids' activity area, and our backyard oasis, including two patio spaces, the meditation alcove, a walking loop for laboring moms, and our fire pit and soothing fountain amidst a garden of native plants.

Why choose midwifery care?

We are going the extra mile to be the first and only nationally accredited birth center in South Florida. Our Bliss team of nurse midwives (CNMs) and licensed midwives (LMs) provide mothers and their families with comprehensive maternity and newborn care. meet our team

  • 1 At Bliss, we practice "shared decision-making". What does this mean? Our midwives discuss the benefits and risks of all procedures and tests before they are done, allowing you to make informed choices for you and your baby.
  • 2 Office visits at Bliss are longer than conventional visits, allowing for us to get to know your needs, concerns, and preferences. There is always time for questions!
  • 3 Bliss midwives are experts in natural childbirth and water birthing. They are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and patience to guide you through your labor and birth discomforts without pain medication. We want you to experience the extraordinary BLISS and EMPOWERMENT that follows natural childbirth.

Our Bliss team looks forward to seeing you soon!

Interested in a water birth? We have the very best birth tubs.

Our deep, spacious, and hygienic birth pools are specifically designed for birthing in birth centers and hospitals. They are antimicrobial, ergonomic, and spacious enough for a partner to join mom in the pool if she desires. The pools are constructed by hand and imported from England. Active Birth Pools are considered to be the very best birth pools in the world.

Birthing in water is often called the midwife's epidural because:

  • It provides comfort, relaxation of muscles, and reduced pain overall.
  • The feeling of lightness from your body’s buoyancy, in tandem with the warmth, adds pleasant sensations and reduces stress.
  • The chromotherapy effect of the color-lighting in the water adds to this feeling of calm.

Studies show that water birthing can shorten labor and reduce perineal tearing. The ACNM and the AABC say that water birth is appropriate for women with healthy pregnancies who wish to avoid the need for pain medications.

water birth at bliss birth and wellness center in west palm beach
water birth at bliss birth and wellness center in west palm beach
water birth at bliss birth and wellness center in west palm beach

Are you a good fit to give birth at a birth center?

  • Have you always wanted to birth naturally?
  • Are you interested in learning more about water birthing?
  • If you have had children before, have they been vaginal births?
  • Are you having a single baby (not twins)? Has your pregnancy and your past pregnancies been uncomplicated?
  • Are you generally healthy?

If you answered yes to all or most of these questions you are an excellent candidate for birthing at Bliss Birth & Wellness Center. → contact us today to book your tour.