Chiropractic Care & Pelvic Floor Therapy

Chiropractic Care & Pelvic Floor Therapy

At Bliss Birth & Wellness Center, we want you to have all the care and support you need for our childbirth journey. Bliss Chiropractor Dr. Alli Parisi is certified in the Webster technique and focuses much of her energy on helping pregnant women and new moms through their motherhood transition. Pelvic floor therapy is also available!

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Pregnancy & Pediatric Chiropractic


Dr. Alli Parisi, DC is certified in prenatal and pediatric chiropractor.

Have you heard of the Webster technique? It’s a specialized chiropractic analysis and adjustment for pregnant women that prepares your body for a healthy and more comfortable pregnancy. It allows the baby to be in the optimal position and relieving pressure from the low back and pelvis.

Many of our patients report shorter labor times and less chance of medical intervention while under regular chiropractic care during pregnancy!


Dr. Alli Parisi, DC sees babies as young as the day they are born!

The birth process can cause a misalignment in the spine leading to other issues such as reflux, colic, latch issues, or constipation. It has also helped with conditions such as torticollis and plagiocephaly.

Chiropractic care for babies is so gentle that they often sleep through their adjustments!

Interested in learning more about how your child could benefit from chiropractic care? Schedule a consultation today.

First visit for pregnancy: $125
First visit for baby: $100
Future visits: $50 and $35 for each additional family member

Dr. Katie Usher, DPT

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Do you want to learn how to strengthen your pelvis and core to prepare for labor and birth and how to care for your pelvic health in the immediate postpartum period? You can learn all this in a prenatal pelvic floor therapy session.

If any pelvic health issues arise postpartum, they can treated gently and effectively with pelvic floor therapy. This conditions include prolapse, incontinence, pelvic pain, painful sex, and scar tissue healing.